How to find an accomodation in Parma?

At this link you can find some useful information: Finding accomodation | Università degli studi di Parma (


Visit this link for more information ParmaUniverCity Info Point - Welcome Point Matricole | Università degli studi di Parma (

You can contact the ParmaUniverCity Info Point:


T. 0521 904081 - 904082

Sottopasso Ponte Romano 2/A


If there are no available accommodations try by yourself using this site:

Case in vendita -

Case vacanze e appartamenti in affitto - Airbnb - Airbnb



How to find the educating professors of the courses?

How to contact a professor?


On the page of the course you can find “docent” or “responsabile della didattica”. If you check on their name you will be able to find their contact.

You can always enter in contact with a professor of University of Parma, i.e. writing an e-mail or by direct call.

You can ask them information on that specific course



How to arrive at the campus of University of Parma?


Visit this link to find all the information you need about the transportation: Transportation for students | Università degli studi di Parma (


Any questions about transportation? You can contact the Mobility Manager

Ing. Chiara Iacci

T. +39 0521 906299




Do you need information about health care?


Visit this link to find all the information about health care:

Health care | Università degli studi di Parma (



Are you interested in an Italian language course?



Visit this link to find all the information for italian language course for foreigner:

Italiano per stranieri (



Should all departments be at A2 level or does it depend on the departments?


No, it depends on departments, at this link you can find more information: Università degli studi di Parma (



Do I have to attend italian lectures if all courses are taught in English?


If you selected only courses taught in English you just need to prove your English level of knowledge



Is it possible to add a language certificate after the deadline which is 15th of June?



Yes, it’s possible


Is it mandatory to include Italian Courses for Foreigners in the Learning Agreement? Is it possible to take the Italian Course without  receiving ECTS, so that ECTS could be received by other courses?



In case you know you want to take the the “Lingua italiana per stranieri” you can add this code with 4 credits.

These recognition of this 4 credits is up to your Home University (so, in case you/your Home Institution don’t want to recognise these credits, they won’t be added to your credits).

In case you don’t want to take this course, you don’t have to add it, we recommend  students to take the italian language course (it’s useful for your everyday life as well as lessons) but it’s not compulsory.



When is it possible to add the italian course for foreigner students (at the before the mobility of the LA or during the modility)?



You can add the italian course before or during the mobility (remember the deadline is the 30th October for the first semester)


If I were to register for one faculty in Parma, could I also take courses from another faculty and take exams for theses courses?



Yes, it’s possible, your professor will check courses you have selected and approve them


When will the class code will be uploaded to 2022/2023 edition?


You can use the e-tool “Ricerca Insegnamenti”, type the name of the course and click on it, you may find the course



Who will sign the Learning Agreement?


On the Handbook at this link Exchange Student Handbook 2022_2023.pdf ( you can find the details of the contact person (an administrative coordinator: Dr Bernazzoli) and the responsible person (the professor).


Visit this link to find more info Università degli studi di Parma (



In the onlne Learning Agreement, aivalable by OLA platform, in the sending institution section, which we believe should be about the institution in our country



The OLA platform is only for Erasmus+ students; student coming from non-EU Universities can use the paper version


Who could help me and orient me with the learning agreement?



You could contact the Coordinator of your Department (or one of your professor) and ask him/her or ask Mobility Tutors



When is possible to receive a certificate of acceptance by the University of Parma wich is needed to apply a VISA?



We ask non-EU nationals to apply to Unipr, then to Universitaly.

In case you have already booked an appointment with Embassy/Consulate just email us



Do exchange students need a certificate of vaccination of COVID-19?

Do exchange students need an health diagnosis certificate in English?



At this moment only medicine students need to prove the vaccination for Covid and a list of specific vaccinations, visit this link to find more information:

Vaccination certificate for medical students.pdf (



Is it possible to extend the period of duration of an erasmus?



Yes, you could. First of all ask to your Home University because the extention of the lenght is connected to the payment of the scholarship.

Then your Home University will ask the acceptance of your extention to our Coordinator.



How to receive and activate the student card?



You have to upload the photo on Esse3, after the enrollment the bank Credit Agricole will receive an alert and print the card, as soon as our office receives it, you will receive an email to collect it. In order to activate the card as a bank account you have to book an appointment with an employee of the Bank (and you will be informed on the right reference person) 



Is it possible to sign with a digital signature?



Yes, we can accept a digital signature


For European citizen is it possible to upload the ID card in the “passport field”?



Yes, for European students we just need the ID card.


Bachelor students must upload the high school diploma?



No, only students nominated for a double degree must attach the diploma.


Wich information should be upload in the field “Declaration of the italian language competence” if all the courses are taught in english?



In this case, you can attach a proof of you English language level.


Where should be upload the document of application form for Incoming Student?



You can upload it on the field “Certificate of registration at Home University”


Is it possible to take subjects from the second cycle of formation in case the first cycle course is just taught in italian?



First cycle students should chose courses from the bachelor level (courses from master level should be too difficoult),anyway your Learning Agreement will be evaluated by professors, so you can discuss with them about any issue.



Is it possible to chose courses in degree level (1st cycle) also if i am a master degree student in my country?



Yes, you can, sometimes the level doesn’t matches perfectly.

Professors will check it when approving your Learning Agreement.



Where should be point the selected course? In which document?



On the Learning Agreement for studies


Should the coordinator responsible for its Department sign the Learning Agreement before applying it on the site?



Yes, because you also have to upload a copy of your Learning Agreement (signed by your Home Institution) during the online application process



Is it mandatory to attend the courses on the Learning Agreement or is it possible to chenge them in September?



In this document you are requested to prepare the Learning “before the mobility”. So you can change the courses that you have selected with other courses more appropriate for you.

The deadline to change your Learning for 1st semester is 30th October



Are there some opportunities to spend spare time in Parma?



At this link ESN ASSI Parma you can find all the information about an assosiation that deals with your spare time.


You can sign to ESN-ASSI Parma and get your ESNCard, after your arrival and check your Univercity office.


You just need to come to our office in Piazzale San Francesco 3 to fill a form and pay 5 €.


Also non-EU student can join the ESN-ASSI Parma.


You can contact us on ours facebook and instagram page



What is the Transcript of Records?



The Transcript of Records is a document that recaps the exams you have passed at your Home University (with date, grade, ect.). In some cases (medicine students, double degree students) professor need these information to check your level of knowledge, your preparation to the studies you’re going to take at Unipr



Is it possible to change the Transcript of Records if more exams should be done?



You can attach the document that shows your results in this moment, then you can send a new email with the updated document



Non-EU students should apply to Universitaly or not?



Yes, non-EU students must apply to Unipr as exchange students but also on Universitaly to apply for the VISA



Where is possible to find all the information about lessons, esami di profitto, esami di laurea?



At this link Agenda Web | Università degli Studi di Parma ( you can find all the information about:

- Lessons: when a course is delivered by professors;

- Esami di profitto: during this period is possible to take final exams of courses;

- Esami di laurea (triennale/magistrale): during this period, students enrolled at the University of Parma, can take final exams of their degree courses. Also double degree students may present the dissertation



Is it possible to choose every course which is in the course cataloge?



Yes, potentially it’s possible. Just be aware that your proposed study plan must be approved by your professors (at your Home Institution and at University of Parma)



Full year exchange student can change the Learning Agreement?



First of all they have to create the Learning Agreement for the full accademic year. Anyway, they can change the Learning Agreement twice (once modification per semester)






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