The group composed of ActLab and Aurora Lab merges competences of automatic control and operating research to address academic and industrial problems.


The main academic research topics are related to:

  • theoretical problems in automatic control (dynamic inversion, optimal control),
  • control of mechanical systems and virtual mechanical constraints,
  • control and optimization of interconnected distributed systems,
  • global optimization,
  • network and graph-based optimization problems.
  • optimal and real-time trajectory planning for robotic systems
  • collaborative robotics


The main applied research topics are:


  • motion and velocity optimization problems for mobile vehicles (AGV and road vehicles) with special emphasis on the development of fast and efficient algorithm suited to real-time applications,
  • coordination and optimization of multiple AGVs operating in industrial scenarios,
  • statistic learning and optimization methods in industry,
  • anomaly detection and predictive maintenance in industrial plants,
  • collaborative robotics,
  • anesthesia control,
  • optimization of green mobility infrastructures.

Recent Research Projects

Research project in last 5 years:

  • SAFERUN - Secure And Fast rEal-time planneR for aUtoNomous vehicles (EU – FP7)


Privately funded research projects:

  • optimization of palletizing robots,
  • multi-agent path finding in automated warehouses,
  • development and optimization of a planner for the parking maneuver of road vehicles,
  • predictive maintenance and anomaly detection on pharmaceutical production plants.
  • real-time path and velocity planners for AGV
  • laser detection system for rehabilitation exoskeletons
  • sensorless collision detection and management for collaborative robots

Selected publications

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