Team members

  • Annamaria Cucinotta (PO)
  • Federica Poli (PA)
  • Seyyedhossein Mckee (Assegnista)
  • Foroogh Khozeymeh Sarbishe (Dottoranda)
  • Aizhan Issatayeva (Dottoranda)
  • Wahida Chowdhury (Dottoranda)
  • Isaac Yorke (Dottorando)

The main research activities of the Group of Applied ElectroMagnetics (GAEM) focus on the study and the modelling of

  • specialty optical fibers, mainly photonic crystal fibers and multicore fibers;
  • silicon photonic devices;
  • high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers for industrial applications;
  • fiber biosensors for the detection and the identification of DNA and other specific analytes;
  • fiber lasers for ophthalmology;
  • integration of quantum communication systems with classical telecommunication networks.

The group runs

  • a clean room laboratory with facilities and equipment for fiber-based device analysis, and for characterization and development of fiber lasers and amplifiers;
  • a numerical laboratory for the development of high performance simulators of fiber guiding properties and of light propagation in amplifiers and lasers;
  • a laser laboratory with several laser sources, used for applications such as two-photon polymerization, laser scribing of thin-film photovoltaic cells, material irradiation.

Contact person: Federica Poli -

Recent Research Projects

  • Automated Maskless Laser Lithography Platform for First Time Right Mixed Scale Patterning - OPTIMAL (HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01, Project 101057029)
  • Yellow Fiber Laser System for the treatment of oCular disEases - Yellow-FLiCkEr (PRIN – Bando 2020, Prot. 2020HJ89JS)
  • Piano Triennale della Ricerca di Sistema 2019-2021, Progetto 1.1 Fotovoltaico ad alta efficienza – SAL2, PTR_19_21_CNR_PRG_1, Progetto in collaborazione con il CNR
  • Progetto finanziato dalla Regione Emilia Romagna POR FSE 2014/2020, ALTE COMPETENZE PER LA RICERCA E IL TRASFERIMENTO TECNOLOGICO, Titolo del progetto di ricerca “Microfabbricazione e Microscopia a due fotoni per la Diagnostica Medica”
    POR FSE 2014/2020 Obiettivo tematico 10

Selected publications

  1. Thermo-optical numerical modal analysis of multicore fibers for high power lasers and amplifiers
    L Rosa, S Mckee, F Poli, A Cucinotta, L Vincetti
    Optical Fiber Technology 70, 102857, 2022
  2. Microfabrication of polymer microneedle arrays using two-photon polymerization
    S Mckee, A Lutey, C Sciancalepore, F Poli, S Selleri, A Cucinotta
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 112424, 2022
  3. Power scaling of normal-dispersion continuum generation using higher-order modes in microstructured optical fibers
    F Poli, J Lægsgaard
    Optics Letters 47 (3), 698-701, 2022
  4. Nanosecond pulsed fiber laser irradiation for enhanced zirconia crown adhesion: Morphological, chemical, thermal and mechanical analysis
    C Fornaini, F Poli, E Merigo, A Lutey, A Cucinotta, M Chevalier, S Mckee, N Brulat, J-P Rocca, G Trevisi
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 219, 112189, 2021
  5. Scaling properties of guided acoustic-wave Brillouin scattering in single-mode fibers
    P Serena, AC Meseguer, F Poli, A Bononi, JC Antona
    Optics Express 29 (10), 15528-15540, 2021
  6. Heat Load Influence on Supermodes in Yb-Doped Four-Core Fibers
    F Poli, J Lægsgaard, A Cucinotta, S Selleri
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 39 (1), 263-269, 2020
  7. Thermo-optic instabilities in asymmetric dual-core amplifiers
    J Lægsgaard, F Poli, A Cucinotta, S Selleri
    JOSA B 37 (5), 1494-1501, 2020
  8. Mode phase variation and sensitivity to thermal load in three-core optical fibers
    L Rosa, SH Pallangal, F Poli, S Selleri, A Cucinotta
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 38 (8), 2400-2405, 2020
  9. Static and dynamic mode instabilities in dual-core fiber amplifiers
    J Lægsgaard, F Poli, A Cucinotta, S Selleri
    JOSA B 36 (3), 757-767, 2019
  10. Thermal effects on modal properties of dual-core Yb-doped fibers
    F Poli, J Lægsgaard, A Cucinotta, S Selleri
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 37 (4), 1075-1083, 2018
  11. Theory of thermo-optic instabilities in dual-core fiber amplifiers
    J Lægsgaard, F Poli, A Cucinotta, S Selleri
    Optics letters 43 (19), 4775-4778, 2018
  12. Inhibited coupling guiding hollow fibers for label-free DNA detection,
    F Giovanardi, A Cucinotta, L Vincetti,
    Optics Express 25 (21), 26215-26220 2017
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