Team members

  1. Luca Chiapponi– RTD B ICAR/01      
  2. Andrea Maranzoni – PA – ICAR/01              
  3. Sandro Longo – PO – ICAR/01          
  4. Francesca Aureli – PA – ICAR/02
  5. Susanna Dazzi – RTD A ICAR/02
  6. Marco D’Oria – RTD B – ICAR/02
  7. Alessia Ferrari – RTD A ICAR/02
  8. Paolo Mignosa – PO – ICAR/02        
  9. Federico Prost – Assegnista di ricerca – ICAR/02                
  10. Maria Giovanna Tanda ­– PO – ICAR/02
  11. Valeria Todaro – Assegnista di ricerca – ICAR/02                
  12. Renato Vacondio – PA – ICAR/02                
  13. Andrea Zanini – PA – ICAR/02


The laboratory of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures is currently involved in teaching, research, and consulting activities in the fields of Fluid Mechanics, River Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures and Surface and Groundwater Hydrology. The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date apparatus and measuring instruments that allow experimental and environmental monitoring activities to be carried out (level and flow measurements in situ, pumping tests, etc.). It also has a variable slope channel, with recirculation also of solid material, and the necessary equipment for calibrating a wide range of instruments. A sandbox, equipped to perform groundwater flow and transport tests, is present as well. Within the laboratory, pure and applied research activities are carried out, and physical scale models are produced, such as expansion tanks and other largescale hydraulic works, confluences, sluice gates and discharge devices, pipeline systems, etc.

The laboratory will continue to be the centre of institutional teaching activities (Teaching of Hydraulic Measurements and Controls Laboratory, Internships), fundamental and applied university research (experimental master and PhD theses and scientific experiments), as well as experimental activities on behalf of third parties.

Coordinator: Marco D’Oria .
Contact person: Luca Chiapponi -

Recent Research Projects

Research funded by Private Companies:

  • TOTO Costruzioni S.p.A. Modello fisico delle pile del ponte sul fiume Po ex S.S. n.413 "Romana". 2017. Grant 35.000 €. P.I.: Prof. Paolo Mignosa. Participants: Eng. Marco D'Oria, Eng. Luca Chiapponi.

PRIN Projects

  • FIRMITAS: multi-hazard assessment, control and retroFIt of bridges for enhanced Robustness using sMart IndusTriAlized Solutions. Universities involved: Politecnico di Milano, IUSS Pavia, Roma Tre, Parma, Napoli Federico II, Cassino e Lazio Meridionale, Telematica Pegaso. Grant UniPr: 153.885 €. P.I. UniPr: Prof. Beatrice Belletti. Participants: Prof. Paolo Mignosa, Prof. Maria Giovanna Tanda.

Selected publications

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