The research team of the AnalogMIC lab has more than ten-year experience in the design of Analog integrated circuits in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.


The main research topics are:

- Mixed-signal Memory Accelerators for Deep Neural Network: full memory design, compute cell (SRAM or RRAM based), and I/O interfaces (D/A and A/D converters)

- Design of Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), considering the power-speed-resolution trade-off:  Sigma-Delta ADCs for high-resolution and low-speed, low-power SAR ADCs, and pipeline or flash converter for high bandwidth and sampling frequency.

-Ultra-low power analog blocks: amplifiers, bandgap references, low-dropout regulators, and programmable voltage reference circuits.

-RF circuits for low-power radios, RFID tags, and energy harvesting

-Embedded systems and wireless sensors for precision agriculture

-CMOS circuits for automotive applications


The current research activity focuses on:

-accelerators with Analog in-Memory computing for Deep Neural Networks with advanced memory devices

-Low-power circuits for implantable medical devices

-Wireless Biosensor Node for in-vivo plant monitoring

Recent Research Projects

2022-2025: National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), Mission 04 Component 2 Investment 1.5 - NextGenerationEU, Call for tender n. 3277 dated 30/12/2021, Award Number:  0001052

2022-2024: “Innovative Integrated Circuits for Smart Sensors”, – Programma Operativo (PON) “Ricerca e Innovazione”

2014-2020- Azioni IV.4 –“Dottorati e contratti di ricerca su tematiche dell’innovazione”  

2013-2019: Collaboration Research Agreement with STMicroelectronics, Agrate, Italy

2019-2022: Research Contract with STMicroelectronics on Low-Power Radio Receiver design.

2016-2022: Research Cooperation with imec – Netherlands on low-power circuits for implantable devices.

Selected publications

1.    A. Boni, F. Malena, F. Saccani, M. Amoretti, and M. Caselli, “Boosting RRAM-based Mixed-Signal Accelerators in FD-SOI technology for ML applications,” IEEE Journal of Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits, 2023.

2.    M. Caselli, P. Debacker, and A. Boni, “Memory Devices and A/D Interfaces: Design Trade-offs in Mixed-Signal Accelerators for Machine Learning Applications,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II Express Briefs, 2022.

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