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Sensors and Embedded Systems Design Lab (EMsensED Lab)

Team members


The research activity of EMsensED Lab is focused on the design of embedded systems based on Microcontrollers and/or FPGAs. The research group gained relevant experience in the implementation of advanced algorithms for data elaboration, and in the design of wearable/portable IoT sensors based on Wi-Fi, ZigBee and NB-IoT protocols, and of analog circuits for sensor interface, signal amplification, and analog-to-digital signal conversion.

The actual research interests are summarized in the following:

  • Design of wearable sensors for human activity monitoring (in sports, in everyday life ...);
  • Development of portable IoT sensors, based on the Wi-Fi technology, dedicated to electrochemical analysis for Point-of-Care Testing (POCT);
  • Design of FPGA systems for the sensing of State of Charge (SOC) /State of Health (SOH) of battery cells;
  • Design of arithmetic blocs for digital processing on FPGA.


Contact person: Ilaria De Munari – ilaria.demunari@unipr.it

Recent Research Projects
  • Participation to the Project ``Biosensoristica innovativa per i test sierologici e molecolari e nuovi dispositivi PoCT per la diagnosi di infezione da SARS-CoV-2'' funded in 2020, by ``Bando Straordinario di Ateneo per Progetti di Ricerca Biomedica in Ambito SARS-COV-2 e COVID-19,'' University of Parma.
  • Project “Advanced Approaches for batteries State of Charge (SoC) evaluation”, funded in 2021 by Programme “FIL-Quota Incentivante” of University of Parma and co-sponsored by Fondazione Cariparma (project leader: Valentina Bianchi)
Selected publications
  1. Stighezza, M., Bianchi, V., De Munari, I., “FPGA Implementation of an Ant Colony Optimization Based SVM Algorithm for State of Charge Estimation in Li-Ion Batteries”, (2021) Energies, 14 (21), art. no. 7064.
  2. Bianchi, V., Boni, A., Bassoli, M., Giannetto, M., Fortunati, S., Careri, M., De Munari, I., “IoT and Biosensors: A Smart Portable Potentiostat with Advanced Cloud-Enabled Features”, (2021) IEEE Access, 9, pp. 141544-141554.
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