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Image processing, Mobile vision and Pattern recognition lab (IMP Lab)

Team members


The research activity of IMP Lab is related to Computer Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition with large use of machine learning and deep learning techniques. The most active research activities are related to:

  • Geometric deep learning
  • Generative Adversarial network
  • Convolutional Neural network
  • Unsupervised, semi-supervised and self-supervised learning
  • Explainability and controllability of deep learning architectures

These researches have been applied to several projects, both with industries and related to national and international fundings.  
Current research is focused on:

  1. Generative models for unsupervised and controllable manipulation of factors of variations in images
  2. Mask-to-face generation with automatic learned mask swappings
  3. Teacher-student two-stage CNNs for instance segmentation 


Contact person: Andrea Prati – andrea.prati@unipr.it

Recent Research Projects
  • 2022-2024: Project “LEGO.AI: LEarning the Geometry of knOwledge in AI systems”, (funds of the Italian Minsitry of Research, PRIN 2020 programme, Universities of Roma "La Sapienza", Trento, Catania)
  • 2022: Project “ROADSTER: ROAd Digital Sustainable Twins in Emilia-Romagna: artificial intelligence for industrial areas” (funds Fondazione IFAB Call for Projects 2021)
Selected publications
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