Schema della "Qualità della Didattica"

The management process of Quality Assurance of Courses of Study in the Department of Engineering and Architecture is schematized in the image opposite and fully described in the document "Quality Assurance Management System of Courses of Study in the Department of Engineering and Architecture."

The relevant processes and activities refer to the provisions of the Single Annual Statement - Course of Study (SUA-CdS) in terms of Objectives of Education, Student Experience, Outcomes of Education and Organization and Quality Management.

The attached Document was approved by the Department Council on 26.02.2018.


Listed below are the Department's stakeholders involved in the teaching QA process.

Joint Teachers-Students Committee - CPDS

In accordance with the Statute and pursuant to the University Teaching Regulations and the Framework Regulations for the functioning of Departments, each Department establishes a Teacher-Student Joint Commission (CPDS) composed of one Teacher and one Student for each CdS of the Department.

The CPDS represents a permanent observatory on teaching activities.

The list of Members of the Teacher-Student Joint Commission can be found in the attached document.



Steering Committees

The Steering Committee, composed of a representation of the Department's faculty and representatives from the world of work, ensures constant liaison with the world of business and work, in order to evaluate the progress of the Courses of Study, to develop proposals for the definition and design of the educational offerings and learning objectives, promoting contacts for possible training internships of students in companies and institutions.

The Department of Engineering and Architecture has established several Steering Committees, depending on the area with teaching homogeneity.

Area of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Area of Industrial Engineering

Area of Information Engineering

Area of Architecture


Teaching quality of courses of study

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