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Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles (EEIV): A Master Course of the Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna (MUNER)


Please read carefully the information in this section (Admission, Guide for the admission test and Annex) and follow the instructions given sensibly; this will help to ensure that everything runs quickly and smoothly. 

I candidati sono pregati di leggere attentamente le informazioni pubblicate in questa pagina web (sul bando e nella Guida all’iscrizione al bando e nell’Application form ) e seguire le istruzioni pedissequamente; questo sarà d’aiuto affinché  tutto vada a buon fine senza alcuna difficoltà.

Admission limited to 50 students, based on merit and interviews (call for applications to be published soon on this page)

The aim of the Inter-University Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles of the Motor Vehicle University of Emilia Romagna (MUNER), active starting from the 2022/2023 academic year, is to train engineers capable of operating in the field of new-generation vehicles, with a specific focus on the understanding of the main Electronic and Communication Systems as well as Autonomous Driving applications.

The Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles course, entirely taught in English and designed in tight synergy with MUNER companies operating in the automotive sector, is organized in two different curricula, each one with 25 available positions: Electronic and Communication Systems and Autonomous Driving Engineering.

Based on the chosen curriculum the EEIV graduate will:

Electronic and Communication Systems: understand the operating principles and design constrains of the fundamental electronic and communication devices and subsystems as well as how they can be controlled and securely connected with each other and the surrounding environment in automotive  applications.

Autonomous Driving Engineering: be able to operate with concepts, methods and architectures enabling advanced driver assistance systems up to fully autonomous driving, and to participate in developing concepts, design requirements, and operating strategies for high-performance and safe intelligent transportation systems. 

The Graduate in Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles will have a multidisciplinary training allowing him or her to understand, propose and adapt what is being developed in the flourishing field of new-generation vehicles, playing a fundamental role in the innovation of the automotive sector, the future evolution of which will increasingly depend on these technologies.

The first year of the EEIV course is located in the University of Bologna Campus, the second year is located at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Campus for the Electronic and Communication Systems curriculum, and at the University of Parma Campus for the Autonomous Driving Engineering curriculum.

On April 22nd it is available the application for the admission to the Master Degree Electronic and Communication Systems and Autonomous Driving Engineering.

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