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Riccardo Roncella

Riccardo Roncella Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Parma in 2002 (110/110 magna cum laude). Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Parma in 2006 with a thesis on automatic algorithms in close-range photogrammetry (best Ph.D. Italian thesis - Autec Price 2006). From 2008 assistant professor at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Parma. From 2006 associate researcher at the Civil Eng. Dept. of the University of Parma. From 2006 he teaches Photogrammetry at the University of Parma. From 2003 teaching assistantship at the University of Parma and TU of Milan for Photogrammetry, Digital mapping and Image Analysis courses.
Scientific interests: rectifying algorithms; automatic techniques for calibration and interior orientation reconstruction; structure and motion; automatic matching algorithms and point cloud generation; mobile mapping technologies development; navigation systems based on photogrammetry; strain field analysis using image-based techniques. Since 2005 is experimenting the use of GPS as support to block control and block georeferencing in terrestrial photogrammetry, with application to large scale maps updating, survey of rock faces and glaciers monitoring.

He is involved in several national and international research projects.

Author of 144 publications, 132 in English. (February, 2020)

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