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Gessica Umili

Gessica Umili is researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Turin. In 2012 she earned a PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Parma defending a thesis entitled “Automatic reconstruction of breaklines in Digital Surface Models, applied to geotechnics and architecture”. During her PhD she has been a visiting student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA, USA), collaborating with Prof. Herbert Einstein to the application of automatic methods for the identification of discontinuity traces on rock outcrops. Her primary research interest is the setup of a multi-scale rock mass characterization method. Her research is focused on the statistical treatment of large databases obtained by means of non-contact surveys to assess uncertainties and define the representative elementary volume of detachable blocks. She works also on geological lineaments extraction from DTM at regional scale, aimed to the assessment of the tectonic evolution and the stress field variation.

Gessica can be contacted at gessica.umili@unito.it

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