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Fabio Addona

Fabio Addona received his PhD (with honor) in Co-tutelle between the University of Parma (Italy) and the University of Granada (Spain) on March 2019. The analyses were focused on the effects induced by partial reflection of regular water waves interacting with wind waves in a laboratory wave flume. After his PhD, he has been contracted at the University of Bologna where he is carrying out research activity in field (intelligent coastal video monitoring at low-cost of a littoral in Emilia-Romagna) and in laboratory (experimental studies of turbulent fountain driven by density).
His activity is funded by a project on the deployment and optimization of a low-cost video monitoring station in Riccione (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) with the aim of gathering and analyzing the main indicators of coastal erosion which can be used as proxies for coastal risk assessment and management. One of the main novelties is the use of a small sized computer as a video monitoring station, which allows the implementation of customizable analyses in situ and can be considered as a smart camera. Fabio’s other activities include experiments in the Hydraulic Laboratory of the University of Parma on density-driven turbulent fountains, through the use of video processing techniques, analysis of velocity measured with a ultrasonic doppler profiler and reconstruction of the density fluxes measured with a conductive probe.
Fabio’s research interests include interaction between wind waves and swell, development and optimization of image processing for coastal erosion indicators, basic research in the field of water waves and fluid mechanics.
He is currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bologna (Department of Civil, Chemicals, Environmental and Materials Engineering).

Fabio can be contacted at fabio.addona@unibo.it

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Fabio Addona
Fabio Addona
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