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Alessandro Valletta

Alessandro Valletta received his PhD (with honour) on May 2022 at the University of Parma under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Segalini and the co-supervision of Prof. Marian Drusa. His doctoral thesis focused on the automatic detection of landslide events for risk management and early warning procedures. In particular, his research activity involved the development and application of several algorithms for the identification, classification, and forecasting of potentially critical landslide events, also dealing with the aspects related to the dissemination and visualization of the results obtained during the data elaboration process.

During his PhD, he spent 3.5 months at the University of Žilina (Slovakia), working on the monitoring activity and numerical modelling of a landslide located near the city of Považská Bystrica. He also provided teaching support to the course of “Engineering Geology and Slope Stability” (prof. Andrea Segalini, University of Parma) in the Master’s Course of Environmental and Land Management Engineering.

Currently, he is a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Parma (Department of Engineering and Architecture), working on the assessment and monitoring of landslide movements interacting with the provincial road network.

He is member of LandAware, a multi-disciplinary network focused on addressing and promoting issues related to Landslide Early Warning Systems.

Alessandro can be contacted at alessandro.valletta@unipr.it

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