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Sofia Celli

Sofia Celli received her Ph.D (with honour) on march 2021 at Università di Parma (supervisor: Prof.ssa Federica Ottoni; co-supervisor: Prof. Carlo Blasi). Her doctoral thesis focused on the wooden chain encircling the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. In particular, starting from an historical analysis, she dated most of the metallic joints that were used to assemble the wooden beams. Her thesis also addressed the topic of maintenance, developing an informative model to be used in support of conservation activities.

During her doctoral studies, she also took part in the Getty Foundation’s Keeping It Modern initiative, contributing to the development of a conservation and management plan for the Havana’s National Schools of Art (Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, grant 2018). Within this context she spent one month at Princeton University, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, under the supervision of Prof. Branko Glisic.

She has provided teaching support to the course of “Restoration and Consolidation of Architecture” (Università di Parma, prof. Federica Ottoni) and “Architectural Preservation” (Politecnico di Milano, prof. Davide Del Curto).

Sofia’s main research interests include the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, with particular reference to the diagnostics of historical buildings and the relationship between historical analysis and restoration activities.

She is member of MADLab (Laboratory for the Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnostics of existing buildings) and adjunct member of SIRA (Italian Society for Architectural Restoration).

Sofia can be contacted at sofia.celli@unipr.it

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