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Simone Ravasini

Simone Ravasini received his Ph.D. with honour (XXXIV cycle, 2018-2021) in May 2022 at University of Parma (supervisor: Prof.ssa Beatrice Belletti) with a thesis entitled “Structural robustness assessment of precast concrete structures”, funded by region Emilia Romagna, Italy. His doctoral thesis focused on the numerical and analytical assessment of progressive collapse performance of precast concrete structures subjected to sudden loss of load bearing elements, with particular attention to the role played by connections and reinforcement ties. The outcomes of his thesis are helpful for practical engineering applications to assess the robustness of such structural typology.

He received his master’s degree in March 2017 with a thesis on the punching shear resistance of reinforced concrete flat slabs. From 2017 to 2018 he worked at University of Padua, department of civil engineering and architecture, as research fellow on the fracture of glass components.

Actually, he is working as research fellow at University of Parma, department of engineering and architecture, on the durability assessment of ordinary and prestressed reinforced concrete bridges. His research interests include static, cyclic and dynamic behaviour and robustness/durability assessment of monolithic and precast reinforced concrete structures.

He is review editor of Frontiers in Built Environment journal within the specialty section Earthquake Engineering and is member of Italian CTE/Aicap organizations.

Simone can be contacted at simone.ravasini@unipr.it

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