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Soft skills: Managing innovation in an open ecosystem


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Tutor: Alain Marenghi, ART-ER S. cons. p. a.
Language: English
1 ECTS, 6 hours
Delivery mode: online
Dates: 6-13-20-27 April h 16:30-18:00
Maximum 50 participants


Registration is open until March 30 at the following link:




Goals of the course

- To support the professional growth of doctoral candidates and in particular the development of complementary and integrative skills with respect to those developed in the academic field
- Facilitate the experience of the doctoral programme by encouraging the aggregation, personal and community growth of doctoral candidates with a view to transversal skills and study subjects
- Bring doctoral candidates closer to the innovation ecosystem of the Emilia-Romagna region and to the opportunities related to it
- To increase sensitivity and awareness on the issues of know-how exploitation and collaborative models of innovation management


The exploitation of know-how and models of collaborative innovation (open innovation) 1st part, 1.5 hrs

The economic exploitation of research is one of the key aspects of the knowledge-based society, precisely because it enables the results to be exploited in terms of new products and services, new knowledge (patents) and new companies (spin-offs and start-ups). Let us try to explore the possibilities and obstacles that often stand in the way of full collaboration between the world of research and the world of industry, by going into detail:
1) Models of innovation and technology transfer
2) The meaning of "Closed Innovation and Open Innovation"
The different approaches to Open Innovation


The exploitation of know-how and models of collaborative innovation (open innovation) 2nd part, 1.5 hrs

In this second module, also dedicated to the valorisation of the ecosystem and research with a view to open collaboration with the industrial network, we will explore
1) the processes of scouting and knowledge of the ecosystem
2) Governance models for Open Innovation processes
3) Corporate culture and the formation of open innovation teams
4) Case studies from the real world


The exploitation of know-how and models of collaborative innovation (open innovation) 3rd part: Crowdfunding e crowdsourcing and Innovation Scouting, 1.5 hrs

In this 3rd part we will focus on how to find, contact and build your own innovation partner network. We will present two representative cases of partner search methods: Electrolux and Toyota. Finally, we will see how the Emilia-Romagna platform EROI-Emilia-Romagna Open Innovation, tries to animate the regional innovation ecosystem and build a community of innovators How to best use this tool to propose and/or participate in shared challenges and projects.


The exploitation of know-how and models of collaborative innovation (open innovation) 4th part: Training, 1.5 hrs

In this last part we will do an exercise divided into groups (work teams): each group will be assigned a challenge related to a particular strategic aspect of open innovation, through a series of tools and canvases that will be made available by ART-ER (with the possibility of working also online) the group will be able to respond to the challenge by presenting the results in front of the class.

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