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Michele Terzano

Michele Terzano received his PhD in Civil Engineering in March 2020.
His research is focussed on the mechanical behaviour of advanced materials, including polymers, biological tissues and hydrogels, with specific emphasis on the topic of damage and fracture. During his doctoral studies, he spent six months at the Imperial College of London, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he also collaborated to a EU-funded project on robotics in neurosurgery. His thesis, on the topic of cutting in biomaterials, contains models and computational analyses which are relevant both to the fields of solid mechanics and bioengineering.
Michele’s other research interests include the development of interface models for simulation of fracture in rock materials, numerical simulation of contact mechanics, and analyses of contacts subjected to cyclic loading. He has also provided teaching support to the classes of Structural Mechanics in the Master’s course of Civil Engineering.
Currently, he is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Parma, in the Department of Engineering and Architecture, where he has received a scholarship on the topic of computational non-linear mechanics. He is taking part to the EU-funded SIRAMM project, concerned with the assessment of structural integrity in additively manufactured materials. He is also Academic Visitor at the Imperial College of London.

Michele can be contacted at michele.terzano@unipr.it.

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