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Matteo Scolari

Matteo Scolari received his PhD in March 2017, defending a thesis entitled “Implementation of PARC_CL 2.0 crack model for reinforced concrete members subjected to cyclic and dynamic loading”.
During the PhD Matteo Scolari dealt with several topics related mainly to the finite element modeling of structures and structural elements subjected to cyclic load and to the implementation of a crack model for reinforced concrete. Such PhD thesis work was awarded, in 2018, with the prize “Brunello Sarno”, assigned by the a.i.c.a.p. (italian association for reinforced and prestressed concrete), as the best thesis associated to structural concrete.
After the PhD, Matteo Scolari was hired at RINA Consulting S.p.A., dealing with structural and geotechnical engineering. His main activities in RINA Consulting concern the design and the assessment of hydraulic infrastructures, in particular Dams, by means of detailed finite element analyses.

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