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Massimiliano Turchetto

Massimiliano Turchetto graduated in Computer Science at the University of Udine in 2016 and obtained is PhD at the University of Parma in 2020. His research project focused on the parallelization of a Shallow Water Equations solver named PARFLOOD.
A previous version of such solver has been extensively used by the Hydraulic Construction research group of the University of Parma in order to simulate flooding events.
The main goal of the research project was to overcome the scalability limitations of PARFLOOD by turning it into a multi-process software capable of exploiting the parallel infrastructure of High Performance Computing (HPC) systems.
In 2019 he spent two and a half months at the Sci-Tech Daresbury campus which is part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and is managed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). In particular, he was a visiting scientist at the Scientific Computing Department (SCD), where he focused on the Dynamic Load Balancing techniques in the field of HPC and also on the porting of PARFLOOD from Intel architectures to IBM-Power ones..
After the doctoral period he became a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Parma, in the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences. The research project is part of the "Supercomputing Unified Platform Emilia Romagna" (SUPER) programme. The specific goal of the project is to investigate the abstraction levels in the field of HPC, ranging from the architectural abstraction programming libraries to the container technologies with a particular focus on the performance aspects. The overall goal of SUPER is to enable, develop and test the Cloud, HPC and Big Data technologies in order to make them usable by a broader set of users.

Massimiliano's research interests also include Artificial Neural Networks, Constraint Programming and Graph Analytics.

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