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Luca Chiapponi

Luca Chiapponi received his Ph.D. from the University of Parma (Italy) on March 2010. His dissertation focused on the interaction between grid generated turbulence and free surface fluctuation.
After his PhD, he spent more than 3 months in Granada, at the IISTA-CEAMA (Andalusian Inter-University Institute for Earth System Research), where (i) he conducted several research activities and (ii) he taught at the Joint/double Master Program in Environmental Hydraulics and Master Program in Civil Engineering (University of Granada, Cordoba y Malaga, module of 10 Hours on Turbulence Under Waves -theory and practice-, May 2017).  His experimental skills include: Rheological measurements, LDA flow velocity measurements (2D and 3D); hot film/wire anemometry; Particle Image Velocimetry (2D PIV, Stereo PIV, volumetric particle tracking); Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry (DOP2000, Vectrino); high speed video image analysis; pressure gauges, inductive and ultrasonic level meters, electromagnetic and turbine flowmeters, etc..

Luca’s research interests include: River Junctions; Turbulence at the fluid-gas interface; Turbulence under waves; Water waves generation by wind; Transport of non-Newtonian fluids in porous media; Gravity currents; Gravity currents in confined stratified ambient fluid; Water retention in artificial porous media.
He is currently a Researcher RTD B in the staff of the University of Parma, where he teaches Laboratory of Measurements and Hydraulic Controls,  and a module of Environmental and Coastal Hydraulics.

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