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Ines Antunes

Ines Antunes (1978, Lisbon) received her Degree in Civil Engineer in 2001 at the University IST Lisbon with a thesis entitled "Tires Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Management”.
Ines started her career working in Consulpav Portugal as a road designer for construction and rehabilitation of roads, railways and airports pavements. In 2002 she has the opportunity to be involved in a technical partnership with Prof. Felice Giuliani and in 2003 wins a Doctoral UE fellowship to start her PhD in the University of Parma, coordinated by professors Montepara and Giuliani. During this period, she attends an internship at Arizona State University - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to collaborate on a research oriented by Prof. Kamil Kaloush in collaboration with Dr. George Way, former director of the Arizona Department of Transportation and Dr. Doug Carlson of the Rubber Pavement Association. Subsequently in 2006, she obtained her PhD in Civil Engineering with the thesis entitled "Asphalt Rubber: Study of the rheology of modified bitumen with recycled tire rubber powder", awarded a special prize within the EcoPneUs award - 8th edition, in November 2006.
Up to now, she is studying and analyzing bitumen and its additives, approaching the open challenges in this area of research from a rheological and chemical point of view, in collaboration with universities and international research centers, publishing several studies in international peer reviewed journals.
After her PhD Ines joined Anonima Bitumi S.r.l. - Bitem developing new formulation of bituminous emulsions and additives for road maintenance. From 2008 till 2015, she was technical manager of Asphalt Rubber Italia, focusing her activity in the development of new modified binders and in the study of innovative solutions for the production and consolidation of banks and construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.
Today Ines is the R&D manager at Polyglass – Mapei, focusing in innovative modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing solutions and thermo-acoustical insulation construction materials.

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