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Francesca Vecchi

Francesca Vecchi received her PhD in Civil Engineering in March 2019. Her research project focused on the development of a user subroutine for the non linear response prediction of new and existing reinforced concrete structures subjected to cyclic and dynamic loadings.
After the doctoral period she has been a Research Fellow at the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma working on Failure mechanisms caused by corrosion and by lack of constructive details in reinforced concrete structures in the framework of a Research Project of National Interest (PRIN 2015).
She is currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at CIDEA (Centro Interdipartimentale per l’Energia e l’Ambiente, University of Parma), where she has received a scholarship on the topic of recycled materials applications for mortars and structural lightweight concrete.
Francesca’s research interests include development and implementation of cyclic materials behaviour, seismic analysis, nonlinear analysis, modelling of corroded structures and mechanical characterization of new materials.
She is Vice-Chair of the fib Italy young members group, a sub-group under the international Federation for Structural Concrete dedicated to young researchers and practitioners inspired by the challenging world of reinforced concrete structures. She organized the first symposium of the group at the University of Parma in October 2019.

She has been awarded 2020 Prize Ing. Brunello Sarno.

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