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Filippo Merusi

Filippo Merusi
Brief academic curriculum (2005) Master Degree in Civil Engineering; (2009) Ph.D. in Civil Engineering; (2009-2012) Post-doc in Civil Engineering; (2018) National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor.
Professional qualifications (2005) Professional Engineer; (2013) Safety coordinator in civil engineering and building sites; (2014) Energy engineer for the built environment; (2015) Health and safety manager; (2018) Fire safety engineer.
Scientific and professional positions Since 2006 Filippo Merusi exclusively works at the University of Parma, thus covering the following positions. 2006-2008: Ph.D student in Civil Engineering; 2009-2012: Postdoctoral Researcher; 2012-2015: Laboratory assistant, Department of Physics and Geoscience “Macedonio Melloni” 2015-2017: Engineer, Prevention and Protection Service; 2017-present: Head, Prevention and Protection Service.
Teaching activity 2009-2013: Professor on annual contract of Highway Engineering Laboratory; 2011-2014: Member of the Board of Teachers of Ph.D. in Civil Engineering; 2018-present: Professor on annual contract of Fire Safety Engineering.
Summary of scientific research Coauthor of 51 scientific papers, 21 in international journals (h-index = 11, citations 311); Coauthor of 6 book chapters; Winner of 2 international awards for scientific research; Author of 15 lectures in scientific and technical conferences; Reviewer for 17 international journals; Member of 3 Academic Societies; Participant in 2 national research programs; Participant in 3 industrial research and start up projects; Participant in 20 applied research projects with legal agreement between the University of Parma and different industrial partners; Co-examiner of 40 Bachelor and Master Degree Thesis; Teacher in 3 master courses.
Summary of professional activity Safety coordinator and supervisor in building sites; Safety coordinator and supervisor in engineering design projects; Director in civil engineering works; Coordinator in risk assessment processes; Coordinator in workplace safety and fire safety engineering processes; Lecturer in health and safety courses and programmes (professional context).

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