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Federico Autelitano

Federico Autelitano received his PhD (with honor) at University of Parma (Italy) on February 2017. His research focused on the measurement and assessment, based on the artificial olfactory systems, of the odorous patterns of airborne asphalt emissions in the various stages of asphalt mixtures production and paving operations. Federico attended the Parma University laboratory of “Material testing and structures”, “Industrial chemistry” and “Occupational medicine”, using sophisticated analytical instruments and prototypes, to develop his inter-disciplinary experimental program. He has also been a PhD visiting student at the “Road Laboratory” of Madrid Polytechnic University, performing research activities on asphalt binder and asphalt mixtures. During the PhD, he has also provided teaching support to the classes of “Airport and railway infrastructure” and “Road and transport infrastructure engineering” as part of the Master’s Degree Course in Civil Engineering.
After the PhD dissertation, he has been a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Marche Polytechnic University and University of Brescia, where in addition to the applied research activities on hot in-plant recycling techniques of asphalt mixtures and on the photometric characterization of road pavements he has carried out teaching activities.
Federico’s research interests mainly concern several aspects of road materials: rheological analysis of asphalt cements (virgin and modified), synthetic binders and emulsions, physical and mechanical characterization of asphalt mixtures prepared with natural and artificial aggregates, road winter maintenance and monitoring of asphalt emissions. Besides, his research includes transport and road safety related topics, such as design of preferential paths for vulnerable users and planning strategies for the transit of oversize/overweight loads.
He is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Parma (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture) within the Research Project of National Relevance “Stone pavements. History, conservation, valorisation and design” (20174JW7ZL), financed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) of the Italian Government.

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