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Erika Garilli

Erika Garilli received her PhD on March 2019 at the University of Parma. Her research focused on the study of historical evolution of stone road pavements and on the identification of tools for the design according to rational criteria. During the PhD, she has also provided teaching support to the classes of “Airport and railway infrastructure” and “Road and transport infrastructure engineering” as part of the Master’s Degree Course in Civil Engineering. After her PhD, she has been a Research Fellow at the University of Parma where she carried out research on the analysis of the succession of road superstructures along the development of the Taro River Bridge. She has been also a teaching assistant at the University of San Marino for the class of “Road management and maintenance” as part of the Master’s Degree Course in Civil Engineering.
Erika’s research interests include stone road pavements, rheological analysis of bitumen and bitumen emulsion-cement mixtures.
She is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Parma (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture) within the Research Project on National Relevance “Stone pavements. History, conservation, valorisation and design” (20174JW ZL), financed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) of the Italian Government.

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Erika Garilli
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