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Elena Zanazzi

Elena Zanazzi received her Ph.D on May 2022 at University of Parma (supervisor: Eva Coïsson; co-supervisors: Daniele Ferretti, Antonino Libro). Her doctoral thesis focused on the design of three operative tools, using GIS systems, for the prevention of the typical and recurrent seismic damage mechanisms of fortified architectures, in the Emilia region.

During her doctoral studies, She cooperated with the Regional Agency for Reconstruction - 2012 earthquake.

She has provided teaching support to the course of “Restoration, Conservation and Reuse” and “Reuse of existing buildings” (University of Parma, Eva Coïsson).

Elena’s main research interests include the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, with a focus on topics related to analysis and diagnostics on historical architecture, risk assessment and strengthening interventions of masonry structures.

She is member of MADLab (Laboratory for the Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnostics of existing buildings) and adjunct member of SIRA (Italian Society for Architectural Restoration).

Elena can be contacted at elena.zanazzi@unipr.it

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