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Doctor Europaeus (European PhD)


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Description of the European Doctorate (European PhD or Doctor Europaeus)

The four criteria proposed by the Confederation of EU Rectors' Conference (now EUA) are quoted below and underpin the European Doctorate, which is based on agreement between the institutions involved:

  1. The PhD thesis defence will be accorded if at least two professors from two higher education institutions of two European countries, other than the one where the thesis is defended, have given their review of the manuscript;
  2. At least one member of the jury should come from a higher education institution in another European country, other than the one, where the thesis is defended;
  3. A part of the defence must take place in one of the official languages, other than the one(s) of the country, where the thesis is defended;
  4. The thesis must partly have been prepared as a result of a research period of at least one trimester spent in another European Country.”

Doctor Europaeus of the Phd programme in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Alessandro Valletta

Antonio Roberto

Valeria Todaro

Diana Petrolo

Michele Terzano

Fabio Addona

Andrea Lira Loarca

Lorenzo Montanari

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