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Alessia Ferrari

Alessia Ferrari received her PhD (with honour) at the University of Parma on March 2018. Her doctoral thesis focused on the 2D shallow water numerical modelling of flood propagation, in the wider framework of hazard mapping for flood risk minimization. Her dissertation concerned the development of a 2D GPU parallelized numerical scheme for the Shallow Water Equations, the definition of a novel non-uniform grid type capable of exploiting GPU capability, the reconstruction of real flood events, the derivation and implementation of porous schemes to model urban floods, the parallelization of a Bayesian procedure to estimate unknown inflow hydrographs, in upstream ungauged sections of real rivers, taking advantage of HPC clusters.
During her PhD, she has also provided teaching support to the classes of Hydrology (Prof. Paolo Mignosa) in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Degree Course.
Alessia’s research interests include the development of 2D GPU shallow water models; derivation of augmented Riemann solvers; modelling of floods induced by dam-breaks; reconstruction of real floods; flood hazard mapping; definition of strategies to enhance the resilience to floods in lowland areas; derivation and implementation of 2D GPU porous schemes for urban flood modelling.
She is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Parma, in the Department of Engineering and Architecture, where she belongs to the research group developing the 2D finite volume shallow water model accelerated on GPUs named “PARFLOOD”, and to the work group carrying out flood propagation studies for regional hydraulic authorities.

Alessia can be contacted at alessia.ferrari@unipr.it

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